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Hair Nutrition

What is it?

revolutionary new hair growth formula for those who want longer, stronger hair naturally! This formula supplies all the vitamins your hair needs for super growth, plus Cynatine® HNS nutrition. If you struggle with dry, weak, or thinning hair, 2 capsules per day is all you need to grow real lasting benefits for thicker hair that grows fast.

What Does Cynatine® HNS Do?

Cynatine® HNS is a NEW breakthrough bio-available, solubilized keratin protein with clinically proven benefits for the hair:

hair vitamin benefits

IMPROVES overall hair luster and quality.


hair strength vitamins benefits

REPAIRS and strengthens new hair growth.


male hair loss benefits

PROTECTS against hair loss and hair breakage.


made in usa


for men and women


all natural


fast shipping


money back guarantee


5 star review

I feel so excited with the results. My hair is feeling fuller again and just keeps getting better. The texture is definitely improved and I give the credit to your Hair Nutrition hair vitamin formula.*

hair vitamin review
hair vitamin review
hair vitamin review

Hair Growth Vitamins

why hair grow vitamins 1

Your body's ability to produce keratin and hair building proteins slow with age.

why hair grow vitamins 2

Vitamin and mineral depletion due to lifestyle, diet, and genetics will affect hair growth.

why hair grow vitamins 3

Chemicals and heat styling cause stress and further weaken and damage the hair.

Premium Powerhouse Ingredients

cynatine hns
b12 vitamins

Prepare for amazing hair growth...

Therapeutic dosage of the best hair growth vitamins combine with next generation cosmeceutical ingredients. (1,2,3)

+ Super Antioxidants
+ Niacin
+ Vitamin A
+ Vitamin E
+ Pantothenic Acid


What to Expect...

  • Increased hair luster.
  • Reduced hair loss.
  • Increased hair strength.
  • Boosted hair growth.


  • Increased skin elasticity.
  • Increased skin firmness.
  • Reduced skin redness.
  • Reduced skin wrinkles.


Fortify your hair from the inside out with Elavonne Hair Nutrition and know the feeling of stronger, thicker, more lustrious hair.

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2. Int J Cosmet Sci. 2013 Dec;35(6):608-12. doi: 10.1111/ics.12084. Epub 2013 Sep 2. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial to investigate the effect of Cynatine(®) HNS on skin characteristics. Beer C1, Wood S, Veghte RH.

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Cynatine HNS Benefits

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