Good hair requires good vitamins and nutrition. There are tons of products intended to improve the look and quality of your hair. From hair growth topicals to treatments, it may be easy to forget that the number one thing you can do to keep your hair growing its best is to provide good food to the body.

Just like your skin can benefit from a clean and healthy diet, eating the right foods will improve your hair growth. Most of us don’t eat as healthy as we would like, and by our early twenties, we can start seeing our hair change. As we age, nutrition becomes even more vital because hormonal and metabolic changes impair our body’s ability to produce nutritional compounds. Further, hormones are sensitive to our nutritional status; a healthy and balanced diet can stabilize many hormonal issues that cause hair loss or thinning.

In any case, without proper nutrition, your hair is prone to breakage, slow growth, texture changes, and even falling out!

The next time you admire your hair in the mirror, you can give these healthy hair nutrients a big thank you if they’re in your diet. And if you’re looking to get better strands, it may be time to evaluate your diet and eating habits.

Top Foods & Vitamins To Help Hair Growth


Hardened protein called “keratin” provides the structure to your hair, as well as some collagen. When your protein stores are lower than needed, your body has a hard time building up strong hair. Your hair will be weak and will also grow more slowly when your diet is deficient in protein. Lean meats and eggs are great high-protein foods to include in your diet and can help provide the amino acids your body needs for synthesizing hair proteins. Low-fat cheeses, tofu, nuts and nut butters, and quinoa are also good alternatives for protein if you’re vegetarian.

But, the best forms of protein to get in your diet are keratin and collagen. And unless you enjoy chewing on chicken cartilage and feathers, you will have a difficult time getting bioavailable forms of these proteins in your diet. To boost your collagen and keratin intake, the most effective method is through supplementing these proteins in their hydrolyzed state. Amino Collagen C contains hydrolyzed fish collagen, and Hair Nutrition provides solubilized keratin to the body. These dietary supplements provide the building blocks for your body, promoting better hair growth.

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Biotin is a vital nutrient for hair growth. It metabolizes the amino acids that produce keratin by interacting with cell enzymes. Lentils are full of biotin, as are mushrooms, cooked eggs yolks and cauliflower. Avoid raw eggs which interfere with biotin absorption. Biotin-rich diets can increase hair growth while a deficiency of biotin will lead to hair loss, but biotin alone is not the “end all be all” of hair growth. Super-dosing on biotin may cause a nutritional imbalance that will manifest on your skin and blood sugar levels in a bad way, and for that reason, we recommend eating biotin-rich foods, or choosing a balanced multivitamin containing biotin, such as Hair Nutrition.


Without oxygen, your hair follicles will starve, and iron plays a major role in oxygen delivery. Iron promotes nourishment to your red blood cells which this is crucial for good hair growth. Women are at risk for low iron levels, and some individuals may be genetically prone to low iron levels. In either case, eating iron-rich foods, such as clams, lean beef, eggs, tuna, spinach, and garbanzo beans are excellent choices for improving your iron bank and your hair growth.


Did you know that the skin on your scalp contains omega-3 fatty acids? These natural oils help nourish the follicle and hydrate the hair. Hair health is largely measured by its ability to hold moisture, and omega-3s are a key nutrient for healthy hair growth and hair luster.

It’s well known that the best form of omega-3 is found in fish, like wild salmon, sardines, sea bass or mackerel. We don’t recommend plant sources of omega-3, like flax seeds as these fatty acids are in “ALA” format. ALA, must be converted to EPA and DHA, and while flax seeds may have other health benefits, very little is actually bio-available as EPA and DHA. Healthy hair requires EPA and DHA.

If eating fish isn’t your thing, find a high-quality, distilled fish oil supplement, such as Norway Pure.


Technically, it’s not a food, but your hair isn’t all protein and vitamins, and it needs hydration. Like we said earlier, hair health is largely measured by its ability to hold moisture, so you must provide hydration from the inside as well as the outside. Drink plenty of water and choose a good “moisturizing” leave-in hair conditioner to help retain moisture in the hair. Eating plenty of water-rich vegetables is also a great idea for increasing body hydration as many of these vegetables are high in hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid provides the cushion around your collagen fibers and protects them from damage by drawing moisture around cells.

For an enhanced boost, consider a hyaluronic acid supplement, such as Amino Collagen C.


B Vitamins are an important component that work with iron to help create red blood cells. If you’re not getting enough B vitamins, the cells starve and your hair is prone to shedding and stopped growth. Pork, beans, chicken, and oatmeal are good sources of B vitamins.


Vitamin C is what many experts call the secret nutrient for healthy aging. It does so many things, including, but not limited to, protecting and synthesizing collagen, ensuring iron absorption, and fighting away cell damagers. Our bodies don’t make any vitamin C on their own, so eating plenty of bright orange, red, and green vegetables is important for proper nutrition.


Zinc will strengthen your hair follicles and prevent loss through its ability to bind proteins. It protects the scalp from dryness by supporting oil glands. Shellfish are high in zinc content, but if that’s not your thing, keep a bag of sunflower seed or peanuts on hand to bridge the gap. Many grains are zinc fortified as well. But if you’re a keto diet or paleo diet advocate, and/or oysters aren’t your thing, zinc supplements are easy to find.

Of course, a well-balanced diet is key above these few diet tips. Living foods rich in a broad spectrum of nutrients nourish the body more than any one thing.

Healthy inside, healthy outside.

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