Anti-aging foods, do they exist? When we talk about “anti-aging”, what we’re really referring to is cellular aging. Cellular aging can be described as the susceptibility of our bodies to stress. Hence, the older we feel, the older we look, and there’s a good reason for the correlation. But, is there a way to slow down cellular aging through diet?

Anti-aging diets may sound like a mystical thing, but recent and long term research on the benefits of fish oil and fish collagen peptides are exciting for those of us that want to protect our cells from aging. We’ve learned that adding dietary collagen can slow the eventual breakdown of the skin, while, fish oil offers promising hope to keep our DNA strands intact.

These structural support attributes from fish oil and fish collagen peptides offer real results inside that benefit our appearance and well-being.

Fish Oil and Fish Collagen Peptides: Heroes for Aging

Strengthen Skin with a Fish Collagen Supplement

Collagen, in general, is one of the most widely used biomaterials for regenerative medicine and engineering of tissue. Collagen peptides have been used as a dietary supplement, and research results indicate that fish collagen peptides exert a positive effect on cells in terms of collagen synthesis, mineralization, and quality.

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First, to perfect your anti-aging diet, look into ingestible, hydrolyzed collagen made from fish. This specific type of marine collagen, from pure fish, is the best type of skin to support the skin from deep within. Not only is fish collagen peptide exclusively type I collagen (the most dominant type in the body), but the molecules are so small, they are able to be absorbed by the body almost immediately.

The action of these unique amino acids are super valuable to the body. First, your body takes them and is able to strengthen your personal collagen matrix. That means firmer skin. Second, the specific amino acids contained in fish collagen peptide are well-known for their role in creating healthy RNA and DNA strands. This means better resistance to biological stressors. And, that means anti-aging.

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Protect Your Cells with Omega-3 Fish Oil

At the very heart of cellular aging is our DNA health. Omega-3 fatty acids help protect your cells from aging, by protecting DNA telomeres, the “protective caps” at the ends of our chromosomes. Over time, these tails get worn out and hinder their ability to replicate.

Long telomeres are correlated to longer life and healthy aging for many reasons, including their activity in resisting collagen degradation. Fish oil is also known for its ability as an anti-inflammatory, a key factor of aging, and is the best source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids vary greatly in quality. Some supplements may be rancid or contain toxins. Norway Pure Omega-3 is an ultra pure, triple distilled fish oil that provides the highest quality omega-3 essential fatty acids.

In conclusion, addressing these key causes of the signs of aging, collagen deficiency, collagen degradation, and cellular aging, will enhance your overall health and beauty. An anti-aging diet complete with fish collagen peptides and fish oil is a safe and effective way to look and feel your best and slow the effects of aging.

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