How Much Time Does it Take to See Results with Collagen?

A recent study was done on the collagen peptide ingredient in Amino Collagen C.

Who Was Tested and For How Long?

  • 106 healthy female subjects
  • 12 week period
  • Double-blind randomized study

What were the Results?

Researchers found collagen fragmentation, believed to be an indicator of skin aging, was reduced by 31 percent for women taking the collagen peptide. In addition, collagen density increased by 9 percent, measured using the Dermcup high-resolution ultrasound system. Participants noted no side effects, and researchers noted the treatment had high acceptability by the participants.

Clinical Study Results

These results mirror the feedback we get from those who take Elavonne’s  Amino Collagen C with Hyaluronic Acid.

It really works. After just a few weeks I’m already seeing the results. My skin is more smooth, less wrinkles around my eyes plus my skin is no longer dry or flaky. Even my hands are looking younger. The powder is easy to use and dissolves well—truly a fountain of youth!

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