It’s getting very cold out there! We all know that we need to bring out the warmer coat or have an excuse to pick up a new pair of boots, but what about our skin? When the weather gets cold, our skin needs extra attention and protection.

Protecting Your Skin From Wind

The wind blows around us every day, but it isn’t the wind that is of concern for our skin, it’s what the wind carries that poses the threat. Whether it be snow, sand, or seawater, these particles contained in the wind can cause windburn in the skin. Covering our face during harsh wind is a good idea, or staying inside, but on these windy days, moisturizer is your best friend. Moisturizer adds a protective barrier and allows your skin to have a fighting chance against the wind that can create chapping and skin irritation.

Choose a moisturizer with calming and healing ingredients like Intense Nutrients Organic Moisturizer.

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Protecting Skin in Cold Temperatures

Air temperature can cause issues for your skin when it drops very low. Colder temperatures mean that typically there is less moisture in the air. Dry skin, eczema and dermatitis can flare up during colder days. Build up your skin’s defenses with a vitamin serum and, again, moisturize. Stay away from any harsh exfoliating products. From the inside, take your collagen supplement daily to increase skin strength.

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Cloudy Days and UV Rays

Though the clouds block out sunlight, it doesn’t mean that your concerns are gone with regards to your skin care. If it’s raining outside, you probably won’t have to worry about getting a sunburn; however, on a cloudy day, you should still wear a protective sunscreen and protective clothing for extra protection. Be careful because you still need to watch out since a sunburn can occur on cloudy days, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises staying indoors or seeking shade between 10am and 4pm to limit exposure to harmful UV rays. When you aren’t able to keep yourself up indoors and have to brave the harsh, cruel world, apply sunblock and lip balm with a sun protection factor (SPF) of, at least, 15.

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