Hyaluronic Acid (or Sodium Hyaluronate)

Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the extracellular matrix of human tissue. When it is applied topically, hyaluronic acid forms an air permeable layer and penetrates into the dermis, thus boosting the elasticity and hydration of the skin.

The protective barrier on the skin locks in moisture, which gives the skin a youthful appearance. As we age our natural skin moisture level can drop in half. Hyaluronic acid can significantly combat this decline with its unique ability to hold on to water, which is a key factor in allowing the skin to retain moisture and its elasticity.

Hyaluronic acid is found in all your body’s cells, and is a key component of the synovial fluid of the joints. Its a natural ingredient that can be sourced from vegan sources and is a great supplemental nutrient for health and beauty.

Products Containing Hyaluronic Acid: