Organic foods are gradually coming back into the mainstream market. Many people don’t realize that prior to the 1940s everything was organic. There simply wasn’t petrochemical or genetic engineering available to damage or alter our crops. Times have changed, and the damaging effects of these alterations to our natural world have started to show as ailments to our health become more prevalent.

We know that nonorganic foods can cause us long term health problems, and its become almost unrealistic for many to be able to completely avoid them. In beauty and skin care, its a challenge as well, but possible. Many people have yet to take the next step towards preventing nonorganic beauty products to absorb through our skin by using only organic skin care and beauty products.

Unfortunately, most mainstream skin and beauty products contain a wide array of synthetic toxins and/or overly processed or contaminated ingredients. The burden they create on the body’s natural restorative powers and hormone system are a good reason to leave them behind.

Why choose organic products for skin care?

Your skin, being the largest organ in your body, is responsible for so many functions we take for granted. It’s not only a protective barrier, its an active organ that creates vitamins, releases toxins, and manages nutrient levels in the body. Messing with our instinctive processes of the skin, can lead to disease and signs of aging. It could be said, that there is nothing more important to long-term healthy living and beauty than protecting our skin from damaging chemicals.

3 Problems with Non Organic Skin Care Products

  1. Non organic skin care products are not conducive to long term skin health,
  2. may interfere with natural body systems (hormone, elimination, immune) through the accumulation of toxins that get stored in the body’s fat, muscle, and connective tissues. If the toxin levels are high enough, our DNA replication can be affected, and cellular reproduction is the benchmark of serious disease.
  3. A diseased body will display itself through our outward appearance. Beautiful inside equals beauty outside. Disease inside equals premature signs of aging.

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Environmental Issues

We strongly believe that organic products are better for the environment as well. The impact that chemical farming has on our planet infects both our bodies and the Earth as they infiltrate our water and soil systems.

At Élavonne, we are committed to providing organic skin care products that are wonderfully effective and can be used safely for as long as desired.

With Élavonne’s natural and organic product line you can have a skin and beauty regimen that is better for your whole body and your quality of life.

Organic Skin Care Products

organic skin care products