Should I wash my face in the morning?

It’s the dirty little secret many skin care companies don’t want you to know.  When you wash your face in the morning, you may actually be stripping your skin of its precious natural lipid barrier (natural oils).

Many cleansers rely on sulfates or other damaging detergents for cleansing and “foaming” action.  While the initial result is a validating foam and squeaky clean face that feels refreshed, it progresses into the unavoidable side effect of dry skin, and, shockingly, an overproduction of oil—we’re talking acne and wrinkles!

We then spend a fortune looking for follow-up products to undo the damage.But wait, the problem here is two-fold. It’s not simply washing your face in the morning, the mistake is most likely what you’re washing your face with. The fact is, water itself is a kind of solvent. Add to that a harsh detergent, and you have a recipe for prematurely aging skin.Related: Organic Ingredients that Work for Acne

Over-Cleansing: Where It All Began

It’s not too difficult to  understand—companies make products and they want to sell them to you. Whether or not they are good for your skin is another story. “Oh, did our cleanser make your skin dry? Buy this cream to balance it out.” What is the point of stripping your skin of its natural oils, we ask, if you’re going to replace the lost moisture with more chemicals (aka commercially-made moisturizers)?

Over-Cleansing: How To Avoid It

The answer is easy: Stop washing your face in the morning. Wash your face once per day, in the evening preferably, to remove makeup and dirt from the day. In the morning, simply splash your face with water and pat it dry with a washcloth. Follow that up with a gentle toner to firm up your pores.

Over-Cleansing In The Evening: Really?

Yes. Going back to the beginning, if you’re applying a cleanser to your skin in the evening that contains harsh detergents, you’ve only removed half of the problem. Keep in mind, even many so-called “natural” cleansers will contain these skin-stripping ingredients. Watch out for sulfates and alcohols which run rampant in skin care.

The Answer: Nourishing Organic Cleansers

If you want to wash your face morning and night, go with a nourishing cleanser, one that actually feeds your skin and refreshes it instead of over cleansing it.

Élavonne estheticians knew the problems with cleansers all too well; dealing with clients suffering from dry, over-washed, over-treated skin. We knew the culprits were mainly their cleansers and skin care regimen. So we started experimenting with natural botanicals and extracts that had cleansing properties, as well as ingredients that were known for providing nutrition to the skin and boosting skin immunity—for ALL skin types.

We also knew that we wanted to go beyond natural. Even with natural ingredients, you may have elements grown with pesticides, or containing GMO and chemical preservatives that create disharmony in the body. Our philosophy is that the materials that are put on the skin get absorbed by the bloodstream—so we searched for only the best organic ingredients.

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The result was a new approach to how we cleanse our skin. It’s called Nourishing Pomegranate Cleanser and it’s organic. This 2-in-1 product clears away impurities while offering anti-aging benefits at the same time. One of the most amazing qualities of this cleanser is that it works without lather, is completely harmless, and leaves the skin clear and soft. It’s so beneficial, that our estheticians realized that it can be used morning and night.

Before offering the Nourishing Pomegranate Cleanser to the public, it underwent consumer tests, and the results were impressive. 100% of the participants reported less dryness, and softer skin. 100% felt their skin was adequately cleansed, and 89% saw a reduction in fine lines over the course of several weeks.

Nourishing Pomegranate Cleanser is recommended for all skin types, and once you start using it, it will be the only cleanser you’ll want to use on your precious skin. In fact, we created an entire organic skin care line that works perfectly with your body’s natural instincts to combat aging skin without doing harm to your body or skin.

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