Young looking eyes: How can we keep our eye skin looking young as we age? What are the signs of aging eyes and how can we combat these common problems?

Signs of Age in the Eyes

We don’t need to tell you what makes your eyes look older, its obvious. But why do we get these signs when we age? If we know why, we can fix the issue within reason:

Baggy Eyes

Appearance:  “Pouchy” and swollen below the eyes.

Cause(s): Due to fatty deposits, brought about by a progressive weakness related to the eye socket.

Treatment notes: Needs to be addressed early on. Avoidance of smoking minimizes the risk.

Dark Circles

Appearance:  Dark circles below the lower eyelid.


  • Progressive thinning of the skin
  • An increase of melanin, a substance that provides skin pigmentation
  • Smoking, poor diet, poor sleep patterns
  • Too much sun exposure
  • Pathological disorders of the thyroid or kidney

Treatment notes: Improve hydration, better diet and rest (Here we will not address the pathological issues, as they are beyond the scope of this article).

Puffy Eyes

Appearance:  Puffy, tired, and aged.

Cause(s): Basically, the main cause is loose dehydrated skin that retains water. Seems like a contradiction – dehydrated skin that is water-retentive, but this is due to the skin in that area not being able to resist the internal pressure of fluids (usually while horizontal, like while sleeping).


  • Allergies or eye disorders
  • Stress

Treatment notes: Drink lots of water, decrease salt intake, possibly create a higher sleeping position.

Wrinkling (aka “Crows Feet”)

Appearance:  Fine lines from the corner of the eye outward.

Cause(s): Thin, dry skin that has lost its elasticity.

Treatment notes: Protect the skin from extreme weather, and of course, no way on smoking.

The above outlines are pretty common knowledge and it’s no surprise that the baseline treatment for all of them are related to the ubiquitous elements of proper diet, fluid intake, sleep, stress reduction, and reducing exposure to harmful elements. Having said that, we can get a little more sophisticated and really address these challenges by strategically helping the body in two areas.

The Inside/Outside Approach to Youthful Eyes

One thing that ends up being a constant (and really the Élavonne philosophy), is that to have great skin health it takes a strategy for both the internal function (the bodies processes), and the external function (the skin). In a sense, the internal serves as the foundational approach and the external is the nuanced addressing of the specific problem. An “inside, outside” approach.

Let’s look at this philosophy in play when dealing specifically with the skin around the eyes.


Helping the body to naturally create moisture like it did when it was younger.

  • This can be done most effectively by getting your body to produce more collagen. The most effective manner in which to do this is to address internally with a fish collagen peptide supplement. This will provide the building material for total body collagen production, and the great effect on skin moisture that results from that mechanism. This really is the foundational approach.


  • The other thing that must be done is to address topically with an organic eye cream, which can improve skin appearance and protect against future damage. Ideal creams will contain moisture-promoting ingredients, which are small enough molecule wise to penetrate, and also contain nourishing substances that protect.
  • Organics can especially help to fight against oxidative damage which ages the skin by  (a) not putting additional burden on the body through the use of synthetics which ultimately act as toxins, and (b) many of the ingredients actually contain antioxidants which help support the skin’s defenses.

So if you want to fight off the “betrayal of the eyes,” follow the simple tips above and look to add either, or both, of the fish collagen supplement and organic eye cream to your skin health regimen. We have provided more info below on those items for your convenience.

Our Rejuvenating Rooibos Eye Treatment is formulated with botanicals and other natural ingredients, which nourish and treat the skin around the eyes reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

No Harmful Ingredients

Rejuvenating Rooibos Eye Treatment contains no harsh detergents or any chemicals, which can cause free radical damage, aging, and/or drying the skin. Mainstream formulas contain chemicals, such as Isopropyl alcohol, which can actually dry the skin. Additionally, no animal products or animal testing were used in the creation of this formula.

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See and Feel the Difference

Rejuvenating Rooibos Eye Treatment will help to reduce the puffiness around the eyes along with helping to diminish wrinkles and fine lines. Your eyes will feel firmer and tighter and look better as you feed them the nourishment needed from natural and organic botanicals.