You may have heard of MCT oil, but why should you care?

MCT stands for “medium chain triglyceride”, or MCFAs, “medium chain fatty acids”, a type of saturated fat that is one of the buzziest oils right now due to the ketogenic diet popularity, and for its benefits in healthy aging

Fatty acids serve various purposes in the body, such as building and protecting cell membrane structure, generating energy, and the formation of nerve cells – all imperative aspects of aging.  MCTs (or MCFAs) have been greatly missing from people’s diets in the Western world due to the NO FAT/LOW FAT movement in recent years. It’s been a widely held idea that saturated fats are a “no go” no matter what, leading to a deficiency in MCFAs in the modern diet. This has had a disatrous effect on how we age, not only inside the body, but showing on the outside as well in our hair and skin. 

Why Saturated Fats Are Important for Aging

For years, LCTs (polyunsaturated, long chain fatty triglycerides) have been leading the way in healthy aging for their whole-body benefits. We know that long chain fatty acids, like those found in omega-3 fish oil help flight inflammation, protect the skin from sun damage and wrinkles, and promote hydration that’s shown from the inside out. Just like LCTs from fish oil, MCTs from organic coconut oil have benefits related to heart health, obesity prevention, and brain health and are easier digested than LCTs. Ever wonder why some individuals, no matter their age, seem to have a healthy beautiful glow in their skin and strong, healthy hair? The secret is essential fats from MCT and LCT, and this secret needs to get out for the anti-aging diet.

Healthy saturated and polyunsaturated fats help boost skin hydration, as well as protect collagen retention and age-sensitive tissues. For this reason, members of our staff add a teaspoon of coconut oil, and Norway Pure Omega-3 softgels to their Amino Collagen C routine every morning. 

What Is the Best Source of MCT OIl?

  • Organic coconut Oil

Other Sources of MCT:

  • Palm Kernal Oil
  • Full-fat dairy products (From grass fed cows)
  • Organic MCT oil concentrates (byproduct of organic coconut oil)

Benefits of Medium-Chain Fatty Acids For Beauty

  • Maintain healthy weight/appetite (gives you that “full” feeling)
  • Help raise your metabolic function and reduce stored body fat
  • Produce energy (ketone energy)
  • Aids in cognitive function
  • Balance hormone levels
  • Strengthens cell structures (great for skin)

Benefit the Entire Body : MCT, LCT, and Collagen

Just like collagen, a little concentration of good fat goes a long way. By adding a 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil to your Amino Collagen C in water or juice, you can gain the benefits of these medium chain fatty acids. Amino Collagen C is a keto-friendly collagen without any added sugars or other non-essential ingredients. Add Norway Pure Omega-3 softgels, and you benefit the entire body for health and beauty that’s shown from the inside out! 

“I’ve been adding coconut oil and Amino Collagen C to a glass of water every morning. I drink it down with 2 Norway Pure Omega-3 softgels, and it keeps my appetite low and my energy high until later in the afternoon. My skin and hair look better than ever, and I feel great. I can’t stress enough how much of a positive impact this combo has made for me.”