I’ve been pretty lucky with the aging process. Well, actually, it’s not all luck. I think genetics helped me out a little. All the way through my thirties, with a healthy diet and regular exercise, I consistently passed for someone in their late twenties. But now, as I approach my mid-forties, the signs of aging have been creeping up.

First, I noticed my skin getting more dry, and the fine lines were weaving their way in under my eyes. My skin was super thirsty! I was using a LOT more moisturizer and eye cream to counteract the dryness, and sometimes applying it a few times a day. When I saw my neck skin buckle up when I turned my head one day, this is when the panic set in. I’m too young to have a turkey neck! I started reading everything on the internet, from clinical studies to natural anti aging remedies. I found hyaluronic acid and collagen consistently cited for their effectiveness in slowing the signs of aging, so I set out to find the best hyaluronic acid and collagen products and supplements available.

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I came across Elavonne’s Amino Collagen C with Hyaluronic Acid and I knew this was the product for me. This powder has both ingredients. The stylish, simple design of the canister told me this was a no-nonsense, powerful supplement for aging.

What I Liked About The Product:

  1. No sugar, flavors, or artificial ingredients were big selling points for me. The product is just 3 ingredients: collagen peptide from fish, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C
  2. The product is a fine powder that dissolves easily in water or juice. I didn’t want to choke down 20 pills a day.
  3. The collagen comes from fish, not cow. I read that the body absorbs collagen better from fish sources.
  4. The shipping was free, and ounce for ounce, it was the best value for a quality supplement that had both hyaluronic acid and fish collagen peptide.
  5. The reviews were pretty consistent from its users.


Amino Collagen C from Élavonne: The powder dissolves well in hot or cold water with very little taste.
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The Method

Week one, I was dedicated. Each morning, I took the recommended serving size, one scoop, which was equal to 50mg of hyaluronic acid (and 5,000mg collagen). I mixed it with about a cup of water, and to my delight, it did NOT taste like fish. The most significant result from week one wasn’t visible, it was a sense of pride that I was doing something consistent that would hopefully improve my skin from the inside out.

Week two was pretty much the same, sometimes mixing the hyaluronic acid supplement in water, sometimes in some organic juice.

I thought I would do better by serving up a “heaping” scoop, too. I can’t say by this time that I was noticing great improvement to wrinkles or anything, but I was determined to stay the course. Wondering if I was overdoing it with the heaping scoop, I set to the web again to check on dosage of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

How much should I really take?

Well, there’s no real “daily required value” of these ingredients from the FDA, but based on studies that provided real results, I found that I could increase my dosage to 4 scoops per day. This would put me at 20 grams of collagen peptide, and 200 mg of hyaluronic acid. I also read that individuals measured results after 12 weeks when taking 2 scoops per day.

So, for the sake of my budget, I decided on a 2-scoop-a-day regimen.

I took one scoop in the morning, and one at night for 3 more weeks.


At around 4 weeks of 2 scoops per day is when I began to notice some real changes to my skin. I was starting to recapture that dewey look. My skin felt more hydrated, and I found I was having to use less moisturizerIn one month, my skin became more dewey looking, which I believe I can give credit to the hyaluronic acid. A surprising improvement was in my eyes, too. My eyes appear to have a more youthful, shiny appearance. All in all, Amino Collagen C is working, and I’m not about to stop using it.

After 12 weeks, I can honestly say the results keep coming. My nails haven’t been this strong since I can remember! My wrinkles haven’t gone away completely, but my skin appears much fuller, and the fine lines have filled in significantly due to the added collagen in my diet. I have more of that “bounce” back in my skin. Thumbs up!

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