Do you have sensitive skin? Likely, you are using conventional skin care or cosmetics that contain chemicals, preservatives, or highly process ingredients.  Usually we think of organic for our diet, not for topically applied products, but, conventional skin care products may be contributing to your sensitive skin problem.

1. Our Bodies Under Attack

The time we live in has seen many technological advances. We have reaped great benefit as a society from these advances, but, unfortunately, they have also lead to environmental changes that create toxins and pollutants, which now attack our bodies.

The overall effect is a toxic burden that our internal systems continue to fight. Ultimately, those systems can be weakened and we can become susceptible to disease and the symptoms of developing diseases. The side effects can result in sensitive skin.

2. Non Organic Skin Care Creates More Irritated & Problem Skin

When we apply substances to our dermis, as in the case with skin care products, many of them can enter the body through the skin.  If these substances are chemical, or less than natural in form, they can serve to create more toxic burden on the body. In skin care, this alone can lead to sensitivities and to aging as these toxins can damage our cells.

Additionally, even on the surface of the skin, many of these agents have a drying effect. Now, you might think that a “drying effect” could be good for sensitive or acne prone skin, but ultimately, it is not. These drying substances can overpower the systems in the short-term, but over the long haul create more of the same problem—a cycle of skin irritation and skin sensitivity.

3. Artificial Compounds Confuse Your Body Systems

Your body works instinctively with organic and natural products because it can recognize the compounds. Natural and organic skin products don’t overpower your systems, but provide the key substrates for your body to protect skin cells, stay hydrated, and to build the structures necessary for great skin health. This is why organic foods and organic skin care are becoming more and more in demand. Sensitive skin is calmed by organic products.

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Why is Organic Skin Care Best for Sensitive Skin Types?

  • Organic skin care products are beneficial to skin health and enforce its natural, instinctive processes without causing damage through toxins,
  • do not contain or create free radicals, which lead to damaged or overly sensitive skin through continued use, and,
  • contain the nurturing and rejuvenating attributes that sensitive skin requires.

With Élavonne’s natural and organic skin care line, you can have a skin and beauty regimen that is better for your whole body, for your quality of life, and for the planet.

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