What is the best organic skin care products for older skin? Organic and “older skin” don’t usually go together, but the fact is, that organic products in general are the best when you’re older. Leading skin care manufacturers would like you to believe that when you have aging skin, you need special chemicals and isolated laboratory ingredients to make your skin appear more youthful, but that’s not the case. There are some basics to knowing what the best organic skin care products can do for your skin as you mature.

4 Basic Steps for Mature Skin Care

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliate
  • Moisturize
  • Protect from sun damage

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Keeping your skin clean is a basic, critical step of proper care. The best organic skin cleanser for older skin is one that won’t strip your lipd barrier. Those of us with mature skin know how quickly we wick our precious moisture. Cleansers with alcohols and sulfates make retaining moisture and rehydrating more difficult throughout the day and evening hours.

  • Clean once a day-at night with the cleanser
  • Never use soap on the face
  • In the morning splash with lukewarm water

Elavonne’s Nourishing Pomegranate Organic Cleanser is perfect for mature skin to remove dirt and makeup, with the added benefit of organic anti-aging ingredients. DMAE,  and organic nutrients promote an even complexion, firmer skin, and a radiant complexion. Gentle cleansing at its best, without the worry of overdoing it.


Exfoliating is an important step in your skin care routine, but the wrong exfoliant will do more damage than good. Harsh scrubs tear into your skin and break down the collagen wall. Choose a gentle daily toner that provides organic compounds that promote cell turnover without scrubbing.

The Pore Refining Exfo-Toner is perfect for older skin as it delivers organic forms of salicylic acid from organic willowbark, which encourages your skin to naturally slough off dead layers and uncover brilliant, fresh skin. Other key ingredients work to firm pore walls and calm the skin surface. Ideal for use just prior to moisturizing day and night.


When you have mature skin, nothing seems more important for your face than moisturizer. Billions of dollars are spent every year on products that promise to reduce wrinkles with their obscure ingredients, but the best ingredients for aging skin are organic.

Organic oils like coconut and jojoba match your skin’s natural lipid barrier and penetrate deeper into your skin instinctively, without the need for chemical absorption aids. Non-organic products rely on chemical compounds that help increase their absorption and ultimately disrupt your body’s natural hormonal systems.

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Elavonne’s Intense Nutrients Organic Moisturizer is ideal for older skin, moisturizing without toxins, perfumes, or irritants. 83% of users found their skin more firm and hydrated, without any greasy residue.

Don’t forget the eyes! Chances are you’re not applying often enough. Once? Nope. Twice? Maybe. As we age, our eye skin is increasingly more susceptible to losing moisture, leading to deeper wrinkles. Up to four times per day, apply a little Rejuvenating Rooibos Eye Treatment to keep eyes bright and fresh.

Apply Sunscreen

By now, you should know to protect your skin from the sun. Simply put, too much sun exposure can really age skin (number 1 cause for wrinkles). Make sure you use a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF when you are out in the sun for longer durations.

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The Best Organic Skin Care Products for Older Skin

Elavonne’s Organic Essentials Kit delivers all the revolutionary anti-aging benefits of organic fruit extracts and natural super antioxidants.